In an effort to assist individuals with their ALR administrator goals, CEU / Consulting & Education Unlimited, LLC will now be offering a 30-hour supplemental course for those individuals who have previously taken our 30-hour course (2017 or sooner) but were not an administrator of record prior to July 1, 2019. The benefits of the supplemental course will allow an individual to fulfill the current administrator regulations and receive an updated certificate of attendance that reflects the additional course requirements without having to pay the full 40-hour course price or spend all 40 hours in class.


Individuals must have taken our 30-hour course. Proof of attendance is required. Please use the registration form to list the dates you attended a prior 30-hour course. Click here to fill out a registration form.

Pre-Course Work

Each of the requirements must be completed and submitted to CEU prior to attendance of the in-person modules.

  • Completion of a regulation quiz and a signed disclosure statement prior to the supplemental course that indicate the participant has read Chapters 2, 7, & 24. 

6 CCR 1011-1 Chapter 02 – General Licensure Standards

6 CCR 1011-1 Chapter 07 – Assisted Living Residences

6 CCR 1011-1 Chapter 24 – Medication Administration Regulations

  • Completion of ±6 hours of online videos and instruction. This will be provided upon registration.
  • Completion of a Food Safety Training.  Documentation must be submitted to CEU prior to attendance.  ServSafe is a reputable resource and costs $15 for the ServeSafe Food Handler certificate.

Supplemental Course Attendance:

  • 16 hours of attendance of required modules during a current 40- hour course at the Colorado Health Care Association. Click here for upcoming required modules during the next 40-hour course. Please note: module dates and times are subject to change. Prior arrangement must be made with CEU regarding attendance.  Click here for upcoming 40-hour course dates.
    • Please note: There is a possibility that an attendee might be able to complete self-paced modules if a course is not available. Please email to inquire.
  • A printed copy of each regulation chapter (mentioned above) must be brought to each module and the competency exam. 
  • Each registrant must provide a current, state issued photo id (i.e. Driver’s License, Passport, Colorado ID, etc.)
  • You are expected to be present during the entire 16 hours of the supplemental course.  If you are not present the entire time, you cannot receive credit for this course.

Competency Exam:

  • The Competency Exam will be on the last day of the current 40-hour class. You must receive a grade of 75% or higher to pass the course, and you have three hours to complete the exam.  One exam retake will be allowed but will need to be scheduled at the CEU office at a later date.
    • If an attendee choses to complete the course as a self-paced option, the exam date will be scheduled directly with CEU.
  • After successfully completing the competency exam, you will receive a certificate of attendance.  The certificate will be mailed and emailed within 7-10 days of course completion.  Please keep this for your records.  There may be a $35 charge for a replacement.

If you have any further questions, contact Kristie Ashby at

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