Chapters 2 & 7 have been updated as of June 14, 2021. CEU / Consulting & Education Unlimited, LLC has been working hard to update all of our manuals to reflect the latest revisions. See below for a summary of recent changes from the 2018 manuals.

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Only purchase of prior manuals will be upgraded and according to the time frame as outlined above. Verification of prior purchase will be required. The upgrade Fee is for a Single Location (one address only) and is for a digital copy only. Additional costs apply for printed manuals. If you have multiple communities with separate addresses, you will need a separate purchase per location. A 30-day digital access to the upgrade will be granted via Google Drive (Gmail email address is required).

Please note: if you have made changes to the outdated copy, you will need to make sure that the changes are reflected in the upgrade.

If you would like to add manuals or products that were not previously purchased, please contact Kristie at for payment options & discounts.

If you purchased manuals prior to July 2018, please contact Kristie at to receive a 10% discount on bundle pricing.