Chapters 2 was updated 6/14/23. Chapter 7 was updated 11/15/23.

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Here is a quick summary of documents that will need to be updated immediately. Surveyors will start surveying this on January 1, 2024:

  1. Resident Face Sheet
  2. Admission / Discharge P&P
  3. Resident Agreement & Disclosures
  4. Visitation P&P
  5. Grievance P&P and Posting
  6. Staff Training & Orientation P&P, Training Tools, Checklists & Competencies
  7. Personnel File Checklist
  8. Care Plan
  9. Resident Rights P&P and Posting
  10. Administrator P&P and Administrator Personnel File Checklist
  11. Criminal History & APS Record Check P&P
  12. CPR P&P
  13. and possibly more….

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