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About Us

CEU / Consulting & Education Unlimited, LLC  is a fun, entertaining, and energetic consulting and education firm founded by Margaret E. Ray, RN.  With over 40 years of experience, CEU is a leader in the Assisted Living industry in Colorado.  We are a team of professionals focused on building solid resources for assisted living communities in order to meet the needs of Colorado residents and to help communities meet or exceed federal, state, and local regulations.   All services are provided in a spirit of love, respect, support, & fun!

We offer assistance with all areas of assisted living operations including development, implementation, and monitoring of business, environmental, quality management, and resident centered systems. Our team offers the following consulting and education services: business planning and start up, assessments, resident care issues, health and wellness activities, environmental, OSHA, and safety concerns, regulatory compliance, pre-survey preparation (mock surveys), post-survey follow-up, staff education and training, and assisting with Intermediate Conditions and Directed Plan of Corrections.

Meet Our Team