All manuals have been updated to meet the new Colorado Assisted Living Regulations that were implemented July 1, 2018.

The Policy & Procedure Manual is intended as a reference for policies and procedures used in assisted living residences and in other residential care  settings.

This manual will spare you some of the time and effort required to create and prepare an entire manual for your facility.

You will need to carefully adapt and modify this material so that it becomes a valuable tool in the delivery of care and services for your residents.

As you modify and adapt this material, I caution you to remember that a policy is “what you will do” and a procedure is “how you will do it”. Every policy should therefore have at least one procedure and every procedure should have a related policy.

Both policies and procedures have been identified in this manual. These policies and procedures must be reviewed, revised, and/or adapted  to meet the unique needs of each individual facility. We urge you to be sure that your policies, procedures, forms, and other  tools meet the requirements set forth in federal, state, and local regulations and the current standard of practice.