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Our Services
"What we can offer you!"

Consulting & Auditing: 
CEU provides a varied array of consulting and auditing services to assure your assisted living facility is compliant with federal, state, and local laws.
With systems in place to address issues such as:
* Structuring and Launching a Facility
* Problem Identification and Resolution
* Pre-Survey Preparation
* Pre-Survey Evaluation (Mock Surveys / Medication Administration Audits)
* Post-Survey Follow-Ups
* Quality Assurance
CEU can assist you in creating and maintaining your stellar public and online reputation.
Remember: Your reputation for excellence markets you and your facility better than any brochure ever will.   
Education Services: 
​​Consulting and Education Unlimited, LLC provides both personal and professional educational programs that are both fun and informative.

CEU also offers an unlimited number of education and training programs designed to educate facility personnel, residents, and their family members, and many others.

All classes and materials prepared and presented by Margaret E. Ray, RN and her associates are continually updated to provide the latest information.

CEU provides information, materials, and resources that reflect the latest regulations and the current standards of practice.   
Manuals & Resources: 
​​CEU’s Assisted Living Residence Manuals are the stepping stone to running a successful and problem free business in the assisted living industry.

Implemented by over 100 facilities throughout the State of Colorado and Nationally, these manuals will provide you with an arsenal of useful and up to date policies, procedures, and materials that will help you form and run a successful Assisted Living Residence.

All manuals are customized with your facility’s name, address, and contact information. 

The 30-hour Administrator’s Training Program: 

Take the leap and advance your career today with CEU’s Administrator’s Training Program!

Training Program is a fun filled journey in the world of Facility Administration.

With humor-loaded sessions and video presentations, this 4 day Edu-tainment get away will get you ready for your new career as an Administrator of an Assisted Living Residence.

All course content has been approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. 

go to CHCA's calendar for the nearest class or check our calendar

Leaders In Dementia Care Training Program: 

CEU now offers training that meets the requirements of the “Leaders in Dementia Care Certification Program”

This interactive training includes the following 2 hour units:

Unit#1: Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

Unit #2: Effective Communication

Unit #3: Behavior Concerns

Unit #4: Person-Centered-Care / Best Friend’s Approach / There’s No Place Like Home