CEU / Consulting & Education Unlimited, LLC

Change is coming...We're getting ready.  Are you?  Special event  February 27th hosted by CEU / Consulting & Education, Unlimited and Golden Pond Retirement Community.  Click here for details.
Also for a nice treat listen to a Joy of Health Podcast with Margaret Ray !

About Us

Meet the Team

Margaret Ray

Margaret Ray is the founder and director of CEU / Consulting & Education Unlimited, LLC.

She has had many years of experience serving the elderly in Acute Care, in Assisted Living, in Home Health Care, in Long-Term-Care, and in other Health Care Settings.

Ms. Ray currently provides both education and consultation services for numerous health care providers and other clients and agencies.

All services provided by CEU and by Margaret Ray are provided in a spirit of love, respect, support, and fun.

Margaret also provides workshops and seminars throughout the state of Colorado and Nationally.

Margaret has a unique way of presenting information. She combines knowledge and humor and provides audiences with both education and entertainment --- her own unique form of edu-tainment.