CEU / Consulting & Education Unlimited, LLC

Change is coming...We're getting ready.  Are you?  Special event  February 27th hosted by CEU / Consulting & Education, Unlimited and Golden Pond Retirement Community.  Click here for details.
Also for a nice treat listen to a Joy of Health Podcast with Margaret Ray !

CEU/Consulting & Education Unlimited, LLC  is a fun, entertaining, and energetic consulting and education firm founded by Margaret E. Ray, RN.

CEU was founded on the belief that that love, respect, support, and fun are the core elements of a happy healthy life no matter your age, gender, occupation, title, or your physical or emotional status.

Based on these beliefs we provide a vast array of training modules, products and services that provide the core knowledge you will need to sucesfully step into a career in the Assisted Living and/or other health care settings.

We are equipped with a knowledge base that allows us to provide you, your staff and clients with advanced training on topics that range from the very basics like “How to handle emergencies”, “Infection Control”, “First Aid / Emergency Care of Adults” and “Resident Rights” to more advanced topics like “ACF & ALR / Essential Management Skills”, “Memory Care / Dementia Care”, “Mental Health & Mental Illness”, “Survey Survival”, etc. (Please see our service catalog for additional information.)